Think Of What You've Done

A straightforward 'meat and potatoes' break for the Stanley Brothers' classic. I had Ralph Stanley's driving banjo style in mind when arranging this break: emphasise the melody and add a few embellishments. Think Of What You've Done is a medium paced song with quite a lot of push. The Stanleys play it at about 130 beats per minute (half note), Skaggs a touch slower.

The original Stanley Brothers' recording can be found on the King 615 LP, just called "The Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys". I believe this has been reissued on CD. Think Of What You've Done was also recorded by Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder for the recent Bluegrass Rules! CD.

A word about pitch. In Monroe's Revenge we do this song in A, which suits the vocal range of our lead singer. However, the Stanleys are way up in C sharp, and Skaggs sings Think Of What You've Done in C natural. This is great, but I think the key of A is more reasonable for ordinary mortals! Incidentally I guess the Stanleys are also playing in C position, but are tuned a semitone high. (Another example on the same disc is Clinch Mountain Backstep, which comes out in G sharp.)


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