Rick Townend writes: "Andy wrote this piece in 1972, and it is on the Echo Mountain Band's 1975 LP (now reissued by Bobb Records on cassette). It started off as a variation of Patty On The Turnpike in a minor key, but quickly developed its own identity, particularly with the bridge (B Part), which is more reminiscent of Bobby Osborne. Andy claimed that he lifted a bar or so from Bach's D minor concerto for two violins to make this bridge section."

Play the parts in the sequence shown in the tab, i.e. AABA for the complete piece.

There is a small difference between the .gif display of this arrangement (which you are now looking at) and the MusEdit file. The MusEdit MIDI playback apparently cannot cope with tied notes in unison double stops. This affects the last two bars of the A part, where the .gif display shows two identical E notes played in a tied double stop. This is the correct notation. However, in the MusEdit file I've had to remove the open first string, and just put the second string noted at the 7th fret. (I've reported this glitch to Doug Rogers at MusEdit.)


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