Roxanna Waltz

Kenny Baker made the classic recording of Roxanna Waltz on his Kenny Baker Country LP in the mid-1970s. Thankfully this track has been reissued on the CD Kenny Baker, Master Fiddler. If you don't know Roxanna Waltz I can only urge you to rush out and buy the CD forthwith!

I've tried to adapt some of Kenny's licks for this mandolin arrangement of Roxanna Waltz, and have added tremolo for the sustained notes. Kenny kicks off in the key of C and later modulates to A before returning to C. Notice the chord sequences used for the modulations.

I'd strongly recommend you to download the MusEdit file and listen to the MIDI sound. Otherwise the timing of the tablature may defeat you, unless you are very familiar with tabs which contain punctuated tremolo.

In the screen display version of the tab (on this page), many of the tremoloed notes are tied to a non-tremoloed note of the same pitch, usually a 1/8 note. Musically this should sound like one note - the tie is just to remind you that you should tremolo for the full value of the tremoloed note and then finish on a downpick, which is the non-tremoloed note.

The MusEdit file does not have these ties - the MIDI cannot make sense of them, but it plays back fine without the ties. However, you need to put a bit more swing (dotted rhythm) into your playing than the MIDI playback is able to do.

When I first started playing Roxanna Waltz I made the mistake of playing it too fast. It is a slow, dreamy tune, but with a steady beat. Recommended metronome setting: 1/4 note beat = 92. All downpicking except for the tremoloed notes.


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