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Rickett's Hornpipe         key D

Rickett's Hornpipe has always been a popular fiddle tune. It received an added impetus among bluegrass musicians when Bill Keith recorded his jaunty banjo arrangement in the 1970s, on the Rounder LP (now CD) Something Auld, Something Newgrass ...

There is nothing particularly advanced about the mandolin arrangement below. However, early intermediate players will need to work on the use of the fourth finger. The triplets will also be a challenge as you increase your speed.

This is the first arrangement I've written in TablEdit. The graphical display is not as flexible as MusEdit, but MIDI playback is superior. If you haven't already got TablEdit on your computer, you can download and install the free TablEdit Viewer program. This will play back the TablEdit file of Rickett's Hornpipe through your PC or Mac.

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