Muddy Water

Muddy Water is a slower-paced song which the Seldom Scene recorded on their classic Act 3 LP, now re-released on CD.

When Dave Plane introduced us to this song in Monroe's Revenge I needed to come up with a mandolin break. There wasn't one on the Seldom Scene recording, with the fiddle and banjo splitting the first break and Mike Auldridge doing a lovely dobro solo on the second.

On the break tabbed below I have tried to reproduce something of the feeling of Ben Eldridge's banjo playing on the Seldom Scene recording. Play the melodic scales evenly, with equal emphasis on the down and up strokes, and let the notes ring. This is quite a slow song (half-note beat = 88 on the recording), but I've deliberately avoided tremolo (except on the final double stop) to create a spare effect, in keeping with the sad and reflective mood of the song.


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