Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

A fairly straight arrangement of this popular fiddle tune. The second break just puts everything up an octave - it will test the intonation of your mandolin! I'm not sure how "musical" this high version is, but it's fun to play.

I'd strongly recommend you to download the MusEdit file and listen to the MIDI sound. Otherwise the timing may defeat you, unless you are very familiar with tabs which contain punctuated tremolo.

In the screen display version of the tab (which you are looking at now), many of the tremoloed notes are tied to a non-tremoloed note of the same pitch, usually a 1/8 note. Musically this should sound like one note - the tie is just to remind you that you should tremolo for the full value of the tremoloed note and then finish on a downpick, which is the non-tremoloed note.

The MusEdit file does not have these ties - the MIDI cannot make sense of them, but it plays back fine without the ties. However, you need to put a bit more swing (dotted rhythm) into your playing than the MIDI playback is able to do.

Recommended metronome setting: 1/4 note beat = 110. All downpicking except for the tremoloed notes.


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