Money Honey

When Dave Plane, our lead singer in Monroe's Revenge, started doing Money Honey, I wasn't too sure how to deal with it as a bluegrass number! Dave is a big Elvis fan, particularly of his early recordings, and treats Money Honey as a rockabilly/rock 'n' roll song. The vocal verses are 16 bars, but the breaks follow a straightforward 12-bar blues sequence.

First off are some backup riffs using a very common 6th chord pattern, used by every guitarist from Robert Johnson to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. (To back up the 16-bar verse you'll have to add another four bars of the A riff at the beginning.) Try to slightly muffle the strings held down by the index finger: position it just a bit closer to the fret than usual, so that the forward edge of the finger overlaps the fret.

The break which follows is an all-purpose 12-bar break in A. It's more blues than rock 'n' roll, but seems to fit in OK in a bluegrass lineup.

The rhythm is important! Think Kansas City, No Particular Place To Go, or That'll Be The Day. If I'd been producing a purely graphic tab, I should have followed the convention of writing it in 4/4 time and saying "play with bounce/swing". However, the MIDI does not understand this, so I opted for 12/8 timing. The MIDI playback in 12/8 sounds a bit too bouncy and jolly, but is much better than in 4/4. So aim for something in between.

There are some small differences between the .gif display of the arrangement (on this page) and the MusEdit file. The .gif display is the "correct" notation. However, the MusEdit MIDI playback is a bit temperamental, and requires certain changes, particularly involving tied notes. For example, it apparently cannot cope with tied notes in unison double stops. In the MusEdit file I've had to remove one of the notes in each double stop in such situations. (I've reported this glitch to Doug Rogers at MusEdit.)

Essentially, the .gif version is the best graphic notation; the MusEdit file gives the closest MIDI playback.

Pick direction (apart from tremolo) is all downstrokes except where otherwise indicated.

Set your metronome at about 132. (This equates to MIDI playback in 12/8 time of 198 beats per minute, as set in the MusEdit file - trust me!)


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