Just Because

Just Because is a well-known song which has a strong country feel. In bluegrass it was recorded by the Stanley Brothers amongst others, though it is probably best known to the world at large through Elvis Presley's version.

Dave Plane, the lead vocalist in Monroe's Revenge, sings Just Because in A. The particular problem with playing a break on this song is that there are long stretches on the I (A) and V (E) chords, and the challenge is to keep the break interesting for its 32 plus measures. I've tried to do this by switching between an out-and-out melodic approach and Monroe style licks. The latter also help to give the break some drive, as we take Just Because fast, metronome speed around 152 beats per minute.

While I can't offer you the whole band doing this song, I have recorded my mandolin break with metronome set at 152 bpm - click to download the MP3 file.


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