I'm Working On A Building

This is a break for the classic bluegrass gospel song, I'm Working On A Building. Dave Plane sings this song in the key of E in our band, Monroe's Revenge. My mandolin break borrows ideas from the verse and the chorus without exactly duplicating either.

I hope the licks and positions in this break will be of help to mandolin players who are exploring the 'closed position' keys. The first half of the break is played at the bottom of the neck, and is more melodic in character. The second half moves up to the E chop position and uses Monroe-style licks.

Check the MIDI playback for timing, particularly in bar 14 (counting from the double bar line), which contains a tremoloed triplet of quarter notes.

In our band we take this song at a medium pace, a bit faster than it is possible to downpick all the notes, so I use regular down-up pick movements. Half note (minim) beat = 108.


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