Fracas On The Frets

Rick Townend writes: "Fracas On The Frets is from the early 1990s. It was played with the Echo Mountain Band and also with the Townends Special Bluegrass Service, being the title track of their CD. It has a kind of middle European gypsy flavour, being in a minor key but played with energy and at speed. The tune is in the AABA format."

Fracas On The Frets is played fast (half-note/crotchet beat = 144 per minute on the CD), and presents considerable technical difficulties at this speed! For learning purposes I've set the MIDI playback rather slower in the MusEdit file, but you can adjust this to suit yourself. (The speed is calibrated in quarter notes per minute in MusEdit playback, so set it to 288 to simulate Andy Townend's speed.)

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