Hello City Limits

Hello City Limits is a classic bluegrass song made popular by Red Allen. It was on Red's Melodian LP Solid Bluegrass Sound of The Kentuckians, but I don't think this recording is currently available. There is a version of Hello City Limits on the new Smithsonian Folkways CD, Red Allen, The Folkways Years 1964-1983. County Sales also list some other CDs with this song, so you should be able to find some form of recorded reference.

Hello City Limits is a fast song (set your metronome to half-note = 144 or faster) which sounds good in the higher keys. I used to play in a band which did the song in B, so here is a simple break in that key.

The break starts in the B chop position - hold down a B chord, frets 11, 9, 6, 7 (4th to 1st string) and your fingers will be in the right place to start. When you hit the E chord (5th bar counting from the double bar line) you move smartly down to first position and stay there till bar 14 (the second E chord), when you start to move up the neck again.

Bars 14 and 15 use a simple lick on the E double stop which can be transposed to other chords/keys and worked into your own solos.

If you are new to playing up the neck, I hope this tab will give you some ideas about how to find your way around. The licks sound best played fast!


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