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Here's some information regarding the instructional books, some recordings I've made/produced, and back issues of The Mandocrucian's Digest.

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by Niles Hokkanen

The Pentatonic Mandolin

37 Page Book / CD (running time 79' 30")
Learn to improvise solos using the major and minor pentatonic (5-note) scales, even if you have never taken solos before. It's easier than you'd think when you know some of the tricks and shortcuts that seasoned players use. This course guides you through the basics into more modern, complex sounds in a fun, step-by-step manner. Familiar tunes such as "Blackberry Blossom", "Salty Dog", "Salt Creek" and other standard bluegrass chord progressions are used to illustrate the ideas. Book has both standard notation and tablature.
$19.95 ppd. USA; Canada - $20.95; Overseas (air) - $22.00.

Twin Mandolin Method
54 Page Book / 2 CDs (79' 32" & 77' 17")
Work out twin mandolin, twin fiddle, mandolin/fiddle, etc. harmonies and arrangements. This method will show you how to write tenor and baritone harmonies for any breakdown, reel, jig, hornpipe or even ensemble solos. Also explained are methods for working out countermelodies, inverted melodies, rhythmically displaced harmonies. Music theory is involved, but it's not some dull, academic variety; instead, all the concepts will be immediately applied to your own playing. You'll rework some of the same tunes ("Old Joe Clark", "Cripple Creek", "Red Haired Boy", "Devil's Dream" and "Blackberry Blossom") over and over, demonstrating the variety of arranging options that you'll be learning. Standard notation and tablature.
$24.95 ppd. USA; Canada - $26.95; Overseas (air) - $28.00.

Bluegrass Up The Neck
43 Page Book / CD (75' 56")
Tired of just playing on the first 5 or 7 frets of the neck? Learn the neck and begin to play in the upper positions like the pros do! This course will teach you, in a step-by-step manner all you'll need to know to start playing bluegrass up the neck with moveable positions, even in such "difficult" positions such as Bb and B. Lots of bluesy Monroe-style "chop-shape" licks and example solos for tunes like "All The Good Times", "Stomp in E", "More Pretty Girls Than One", "Hot Corn, Cold Corn", "Lonesome Road Blues", "Bb Blues", "Little Maggie", and "Blues In A". (Standard notation and tablature).
$19.95 ppd. USA; Canada - $20.95; Overseas (air) - $22.00.

Hot Licks For Hot Picks

45 Page Book (just reformatted to 8-1/2" x 11" size w/comb binding)/ CD (78' 25")
Here's a variety of ideas, techniques, and tunes for the more advanced picker. Includes crosspicking ("Old Joe Clark", "Red Haired Boy", "Sailor's Hornpipe (in Bb!)", right hand pick exercises, shifting exercises, steel guitar licks, solos in the styles of Clarence White ("9 Pound Hammer") and Scotty Stoneman ("Dixie", "Sally Goodin"). Even fingerpicking ("Mississippi Joe Clark", "Devil's Dream")! And there's even transcriptions of two Irish tunes ("Tom of the Hill", "Dwyer's Hornpipe") as played by Mick Moloney. (And this book was first published in 1981 before Irish music was "discovered".) Music is written in both standard notation and tablature.
$21.95 ppd. USA; Canada - $22.95; Overseas (air) - $25.00.

Hot Solos For Bluegrass Mandolin

48 Page Book / CD (79' 50")
"Too much theory - Give us hot tabs!" A lot of players prefer to learn their instrument in a non-theoretical way, as have many of the bluegrass greats. So, here are some hot, tasteful solos for 6 all-time parking lot favorites:
  • "Wabash Cannonball" (four solos in G; three solos in A)
  • "Cripple Creek" (Key of A, five solos)
  • "Shady Grove" (four solos in Dm, plus "Clawhammer" versions of the melody and harmony)
  • "John Hardy" (six choruses in the key of A)
  • "East Tennessee Blues" (aka "Texas Crapshooter"; six solos in C major including one crosspicked)
  • "In The Pines" (3/4 time; five solos in the key of E)
  • .....Plus..the basic melodies (and sometimes harmonies) for each of the tunes.
All the solos are different and range in difficulty level from "intermediate" through "advanced/professional". The solos also have a "connection" to the melody, something that is extremely important in the bluegrass idiom, regardless of how flashy the playing is. A solo for "John Hardy" should actually be a break for "John Hardy", not a random group of hot licks that happen to fit those particular chord changes!

Stylistic influences
presented in the solos range from Bill Monroe (of course) to Scotty Stoneman and Buzz Busby, from Jesse McReynolds to Jethro Burns, and from Tony Rice to Stevie Ray Vaughn. You are guaranteed to expand your vocabulary! Presenting multiple solos for the same tunes shows you the various approaches than can be incorporated. Once you've learned the breaks presented in the book, you can begin mixing and matching the licks into your own solos. There are some occasional comments concerning the theory (scales being used, etc.), but the emphasis is on "hot tabs" and learning some licks and solos which will raise eyebrows at the next big jam session. The 48 page book comes with a 90 minute cassette. All the solos and melodies and melodies are presented (with accompaniment - complete stereo separation between lead and backup) at three tempos: very slow, medium, and up-to-speed. The slow speed is guaranteed to be slow enough to get the solo(s) into your head!
$21.45 ppd. in USA; Canada - $23.00; Overseas (air) - $24.00.

Niles Hokkanen's Pocket Guide To Mandolin Chords
48 Page Booklet
Maybe you've heard about this chord guide if you don't already have a copy. It's been called the best by many pickers! Not only does this little book give you all the various chord voicings, but it shows how they are related and shows you how to use them! Shows what voicings work well together in chord progres- sions. Has the Texas walking chords used to back tunes like "Sally Goodin". Other chord books just have pages of diagrams with no explanation of what to do with them; this book is a complete course in chord/rhythm playing.

"Nothing can beat the chord book from MD/Niles. It's the most sophisticated in terms of quality content and instruction. It's the best I've seen, plus it fits in your case. What more could you ask for?" - Scott Tichenor, Mandolin Cafe

Only $4.50 ppd USA/Canada; $5.25 overseas (air).

Niles Hokkanen's Guide To Mandolin Chords (and how to use them)
49 pages (+ 8 page "Left-Hander's Supplement") A larger, easier-to-read, sized (5-1/2" x 8-1/2", comb bound) version of Niles' popular Pocket Guide To Mandolin Chords. Same content but with the addition of 2 pages on modal/power diads and a supplement for lefties.
$9.00 ppd US; $10.00 Canada; $11.00 overseas (air)

The Mandola Sampler
32 Page Book
A freewheeling look at the mandolin's bigger brother, the mandola. Most of the book is tablature only (with a few examples of reading standard notation on the G clef and the C clef). Old-time, Celtic and bluegrass tunes in both standard (C-G-D-A) and alternate (A-E-A-E, C-G-C-G, C-G-D-G) tunings, including "Liberty", "Irish Washerwoman", "The Musical Priest", "Old man At The Mill", "Wildwood Flower", "Red Haired Boy", "Trumpet Hornpipe", "Flowers Of The Forest", "John Henry", and "8th of January".
$6.95 ppd. USA; Canada - $7.45; Overseas (air) - $8.00.

Top Pro Players have said:

"I encourage anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of the mandolin to pick up one or all of Niles' mandolin books. I've found them to be thorough from front to back. - Doyle Lawson

"Many times when I am on tour, I am asked where one can obtain quality mandolin instruction. Well folks, now it is available and in a truly understandable form. I highly recommended Hot Licks, Twin Mandolins and Pentatonic Man- dolin to those mandolin players who want to go beyond!" - Jimmy Gaudreau

"Excellent, thoughtfully conceived. Good for virtuoso and beginner alike." - Mick Moloney

"This instruction course of Niles' is really going to help pass the time on tour. I've been playing for years, but figure this will really improve my technique and reading. Highly recommended." - Dave Pegg

"I certainly enjoy these books on the mandolin by Niles Hokkanen. They're fun, informative and quite stimulating." - Chris Hillman

"These tutors are indispensable for mandolin players of any standard, covering all aspects of technique in a way that helps the student to develop his own style and ideas. Better than a hundred 'stuffy' publishing house tutors." - Richard Thompson


ON FIRE & READY! - Niles Hokkanen
CD 65-1/2 minutes
$10.00 ppd.USA/Canada; $11.50 overseas
A rocking fusion of musical styles - blues, country, rockabilly, R&B, folk, etc.- with material ranging from Hank Williams Sr. to Jimi Hendrix, plus originals and traditional reworkings, containing some of the most aggressive mandolin work ever heard! Niles is featured on mandolin, vocals, bouzouki and mandolectra, with an all-star cast of supporting musicians including: Richard Thompson (electric guitar, electric 4-string mandolin), Martin Simpson (acoustic guitars), Ann Rabson (piano), Phil Wiggins (harmonica), Gaye Adegbalola (vocals), Ralph Gordon (bass), Peter Eri (of Musikas) (kontra-viola), Jerry Rockwell (dulcimer, e-bowed electric guitar) and others (drums, violin, bodhran).

Some Player comments about On Fire & Ready!

"A bold journey through some grooves not usually associated with the 8-string, with lots of grease and twang!" - Bill Kirchen (ex-Commander Cody/Lost Planet Airmen)

"Fantastic rhythm mandolin; Niles has created a unique and original style of propulsive mandolin accompaniment."
- Henry Kaiser

"Really great stuff! I do not know of anybody else who does similar things on mandolin."
- Radim Zenkl

"Too much! Niles finally has his say."
- Michael Doucet

"A splendid effort! Along with the great tone Niles gets from that vintage '4', it shows a lot of imagination and a good deal of courage to tackle the diverse selection of material."
- Jimmy Gaudreau

"The best in Hell!"
- Arto Jarvela

Polkas, waltzes, polskas (a dance form in 3/4), and other traditional Finnish tunes are played by this Finnish-American band led by Niles and Debbie Hokkanen. Instrumentation is mandolin, bouzouki, fiddle, piano accordion, and bass pedals. Tunes include a mix of favorites such as "Emma", "Villi Ruusu" (Wild Rose"), "Karjalan Poika" ("The Boy From Karelia"), "Lukkarin Polka", and "Siltasaaren Schottische" as well as older tunes: "Koko Maailman Polska", "Uljas Polska Fran Vardo", "Polska #55", "Waltz From Savonlinna", "Kattelymarssi" ("Handshake March") and others.

"Impeccable musicianship and tight arrangements" - Dirty Linen

39 minute CD. $8.00 ppd USA/Canada;
Overseas - $9.00

Gutsy, robust playing from 3-time Finnish mandolin champion and "master-pelimanni" (master folk musician) with fiddle, accordion, bass and 2nd mandolin. "Friends" include members of Tallari and Heikki's own band. Lots of uptempo polkas!

"An absolute delight." - Dirty Linen

38 minute CrO2 cassette $8.50 ppd. USA/Canada Overseas - $9.50

INTO THE FEVER RAIN - Jerry Rockwell & Niles Hokkanen
Niles Hokkanen (mandolin, mandolectra) joins forces with progressive Appalachian dulcimer player Jerry Rockwell on a 56-minute excursion through the traditional ("Soldier's Joy", "Nonesuch", "Cripple Creek", "Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine") into the progressive ("Soldier's Joy #2 -reggae", "Blues In D") and the experimental (3 free improvisational tracks).

"A striking new recording of mandolin and dulcimer duets that, once heard, will not immediately be believed. ....Unique , adventuresome and beautifully recorded."
- Dirty Linen
56 min. CD $10.00 ppd. USA/Canada; $11.00 overseas (air)

The Mandocrucian's Digest

The Mandocrucian's Digest was a mandolin player's magazine edited/published by Niles Hokkanen. During this eleven year time period (April 1986 to April 1997) 27 issues were published, containing an extremely varied and eclectic content - all relating to the mandolin family of instruments and general musicianship. In the Digest were the instructional articles and columns you'd never see elsewhere, covering styles of mandolin playing often ignored. Interviews were long and in-depth, attempting to get into the thought processes of the interviewee as to why he approached music the way he did, rather than the usual "when's the next record coming out" questions that non-playing writers ask for magazines read by non-musicians.

Styles covered included bluegrass, old-time, jazz/swing and Irish, but also Cajun, klezmer, rock and Scandinavian music as well. Technique (somewhat classical, but applicable to any style), solo and rhythm playing were also explored, as was the subject of improvisation. The musicianship of contributors was truly amazing, especially for a specialty publication with a small (but dedicated) readership. Michael Doucet and Tommy Comeaux (from the #1 Cajun band, Beausoleil), Judy Hyman from the Horseflies, Mick Moloney, classical monster Evan Marshall, the innovative Radim Zenkl, Boston-based multi-instrumentalist John McGann, cellist /street musician Sean Grissom from New York City, and Finnish fiddler/mandolinist Arto J
ärvelä (of JPP and The Helsinki Mandoliners) all appeared regularly in the Digest, along with occasional submissions from dance musicians Larry Edelman and David Surette, klezmer players Henry Koretzky and Mimi Rabson, and others. And of course, there were always writings from the editor Niles Hokkanen, who lives his "anything can be played on the mandolin" musical philosophy.

Here's what some pro players said of the Digest:

"A great magazine for anybody interested in mandolins and mandolin lore. I always find myself diving into its diversity head first and head on." - Tim O'Brien

"Never off my coffee table is The Mandocrucian's Digest, the organ of truth.... Definitely in a class by itself"
- Richard Thompson

"....like 'Special K' for the fingers! A most unique and inspiring magazine that gets to the soul of the traditional musician.
- Michael Doucet

"If you really want to find out what's going on outside of your own mandolin realm, then you'll find The Mandocrucian's Digest an eye-opening experience
." - Jimmy Gaudreau

"Great to see a magazine about playing music, not the 'biz', and having lots of record reviews with real opinions." -
Jim Watson

"Excellent!" All the interviews are great. To tell you the truth, I think that the magazine is one of the most lucid expositions, of any style of playing, that I've seen, in any one place...ever."
- Mick Moloney

"Every aficionado of every musical instrument deserves their own equivalent of M.D. There should be more of it about."
- Martin Simpson

"I signed up for Mandocrucian's Digest and now I can play more notes than Sam Bush, tell more jokes than Jethro Burns, and grow more facial hair than David Grisman! Highly recommended."
- Peter Ostroushko

"A great magazine. I especially like some of the interviews that go one-on-one with the professional players."
- Larry Rice

"There isn't an expendable page. You won't be dreadin' practice; you're gonna love it. More than you need to know is in the MandoDigest!" -
Michael (Doc Snock) Hurley

"You know, when I'm at a loss thinking I'll never learn anything more about the mandolin, I pick up The Mandocrucian's Digest and it sets me free!"
- Doyle Lawson

Mandocrucian's Digest Back Issues

#'s 7-25: $3.50 each ppd. USA/Canada; $4.25 Overseas (surface): $5.25 Overseas (airmail).
#'s 26-27: $5.70 each ppd. USA/Canada; $6.50 Overseas (surface); $7.50 Overseas (airmail).

#27 - ANDY IRVINE interview (w/"Ramblin' Robin"), Beethoven's "Sonatine in Cm" arranged for 2 mandolins, Solo Mandolin w/Radim Zenkl (Rudy Cipolla's "Here And There", Bluegrass w/John Baldry (more closed position licks), Shifting exercises on one string, Mandos From Denmark ("Ikke Hurtig", reijlander), Remembering Bill Monroe w/2 Monroe-style tunes by Buddy Merriam ("Monroe Special", "Outerbridge Crossing"), Introduction to foot percussion, Listening survey for 1995/6, Playing in schools, A revolutionary letter to artists, 10-tone equal-tempered scale, record and book reviews.

#26 - RADIM ZENKL interview, Velcro For Pickers, Onstage Hand Signals, Partial Capo Tunings for Mandolin & Bouzouki, Cajun Mandolin w/Tommy Comeaux, ("Je M'endors"), Mandos From Finland w/Arto Jarvela ("Pinnin Polska" scored for 2 mandolins and octave mandolin), Solo Mandolin w/Zenkl (Czech & Slovak trad. tunes: "Blue Eyed Girl", "Dance, Dance, Twist"), Doublestops Up The Neck, Jacob do Bandolim, record reviews.

#25 - Introduction To Playing With Pick & Fingers, Additional thoughts on Mando Backup ("Swinging On A Gate"), Mandos From Finland w/Arto Jarvela ("Seijarin Polska", scored for 2 mandolins and octave mandolin), The Jamming Player's Repertoire Appendix Part 2 (English Country Dance, Czech, Irish, Scottish, Finnish, New England contra-dance, Old-Time, Dixieland, Swing/jazz), Solo Mandolin w/Zenkl (single line melody solo - "Happygrass"), A Look at Playing Greek Music, "George IV" strathspey, 1993 Listening Survey, record reviews.

#24 - Backing Up A Fiddle Or Other High Register Instrument In A Duo Setting* ("Garry Owen", "Swinging On A Gate"), Solo Mandolin w/Zenkl ("Greensleeves", "The Last Supper"), Cajun Mandolin w/Comeaux ("Les Filles a Nonc Helaire"), mando pickups and brackets, Jamming Player's Repertoire Appendix (Cajun, klezmer, Cape Breton, Texas-fiddle, Chicago & Piedmont blues), technical exercises - keeping your (left) fingers down, record and book reviews.
[* Instuctional CD of this article available]

#23 - NILES HOKKANEN interview, Solo Mandolin w/Zenkl ("Banks Of The Ohio"), Cajun Mandolin w/Comeaux ("Midland 2-Step"), 1992 Listening Survey, Mandos From Finland w/Jarvela ("Tuoltapa Kuuluu Lehmankello", scored for 2 mandolins and octave mandolin), Playing through a I-VI-II-V turnaround, record reviews.

#22 - Variations On A Theme: Ideas and Approaches For Soloing ("Salt Creek"), Bluegrass w/Baldry (Navigating the neck: "Take Me In A Lifeboat", "Farther Along"), Solo Mandolin w/Zenkl (getting started: "Good King Wenceslas"), Jazz & Swing w/John McGann ("Billie's Bounce"), Mandolin In Rock Discography -part 5, bluegrass tune: "Early Times", record reviews.

#21 - Developing Rhythmic Elasticity* ("Arkansas Traveller" and "Old Joe Clark" are used to demonstrate use of Additive rhythms), Bluegrass w/Baldry (Arranging a melody: "Bobby Shaftoe", "Waltzing Matilda), reviews of "play-along"accompaniment/practice tapes, setting up a mandolin-banjo, Cajun Mandolin w/Comeaux, ("Allons A Lafayette"), 1991 Listening Survey, book and record reviews, letters.
[*Instructional CD of this article available]

#20 - The Transposing Game*
("Arkansas Traveller" put into numerous different keys and time signatures), product review: Stew-Mac "Pocket Ax", Mandolin Pickup Survey responses, JIM RYAN (Blood Oranges) interview ("Baby Down"), Bluegrass w/Baldry (closed position playing: "Cripple Creek, "Gonna Paint The Town"), Cajun w/Comeaux ("Midland Two-Step"), Dave Apollon video, "How Much is That Mandolin-Banjo Worth?" by Alan Ede, record reviews, letters. [*Instructional CD of this article available.]

#19 - The fictional adventures of Mando Mac Hameron in "Embezelling Banjos", History of Mandolin-banjos by Alan Ede, Bluegrass w/Baldry ("Sally Goodin", "Shortenin' Bread"), New England Dance Tunes w/David Surette ("The Cat In The Hopper", "President Garfield's Hornpipe"), Cajun w/Comeaux ("Chez Seychelles"), Klezmer w/Henry Koretzky ("Freylehke Yiden"), Jazz/Swing w/McGann, Mandolin in rock discography - part 4, John Bird essay: "A Picker's Progress", book and record reviews.

#18 - BOBBY CLARK profile ("Oklahoma Twister", "Redwing"), essays: "Why I'd Like To Blow Up My Local Music Store" and "A Tale Of 2 Mandolin Pickers", Irish Mandolin w/Mick Moloney (more "Cregg's Pipes"), Cajun Mandolin w/Comeaux ("Cajun Groove"), Jazz/swing w/McGann (an approach to comping), Rumanian tune ("Hora Mare"), Bluegrass w/Baldry (doublestop licks), Street Performance w/Sean Grissom, 1990 Listening survey, record reviews, comix, letters.

#17 - Review of electric guitar rock/blues instructional books/tapes, Bluegrass w/Baldry (In a Minor Mode), Street Performance w/Grissom (the biggest hats), Jazz/swing w/McGann (Q&A), klezmer tune ("Yoshke, Yoshke"), "Hangman" arranged for cittern/octave mandolin (or mandolin)/voice, Finnish tune ("Purpurrimarssi"), John Bird essay: "Why I Love The Mandolin", Mandolin in rock discography - part 3, record reviews.

#16 - PETER OSTROUSHKO interview - part 2, Technique w/Evan Marshall (rest strokes, strolling gigs), Bluegrass w/Baldry (up the neck - "Cabin In Caroline", "Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party"), Street Performance w/Grissom (different cities, different venues), Jazz/swing w/McGann ("Tickle Toe" solos), The Grammies & Bluegrass, threats to your rights, Mandolin in rock discography - part 2, Radim Zenkl tune ("False Solstice"), Scottish tune by Dagger Gordon ("Inchindown Jig"), record reviews.

#15 - PETER OSTROUSHKO interview - part 1 ("Ukranian Polka"), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney ("Cregg's Pipes"), Cajun w/Comeaux ("The Reel Dennis McGee"), Heikki Lahti ("Finnish Jenkka"), Mandolin in Rock discography -part 1, Technique w/Evan Marshall (more pull-offs), Bluegrass w/Baldry ("Hot Corn, Cold Corn"), Street Perfomance w/Grissom (self promotion), Rhythm Mando w/Hokkanen (7#9 chordal riff), Jazz/swing w/McGann (timing & rhythm), record and book reviews.

#14 - JIM WATSON (ex Red Clay Ramblers) interview ("Shady Grove"), Cajun w/Comeaux (seconding/backup), Jazz/swing w/McGann (chord primer), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney (Sean O'Riada and the development of the Irish ensemble, "The Boyne Hunt"), Bluegrass w/Baldry (playing on fiddle tunes: "Arkansas Traveler", "Dinah"), Playing Square/Contra Dances w/ Larry Edelman (building your repertoire), Technique w/Marshall (duo-style techniques applied: "Londonderry Aire"), record reviews

#13 - Electric Mandolin On the Cheap (converting electric guitars to mandos), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney (the polka in Ireland, "Dennis Murphy's Polka"), Technique w/Marshall (introduction to pull-offs), Cajun w/Comeaux ("Jolie Blon"), Jazz/swing w/McGann (more blues), Bluegrass guest column w/Eldred Hill ("Peacock Rag"), New England Dance Tunes w/David Surette ("Mackilmoyle"), Playing For Square/Contra Dances w/Edelman (First things first, "Hoosiers At Home"), Bluegrass w/Baldry (playing on banjo tunes, "Dear Old Dixie"), sol-feg syllables, record reviews.

#12 - DAN HICKS interview plus interviews with former "Lickettes" MARYANN PRICE and NAOMI EISENBERG, Dr. Don on Tendonitus, Technique w/Marshall (Introduction to duo-style), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney ("My Darling Asleep"), Rhythm Mando w/Hokkanen (rock & roll shuffles, part 2), Jazz/Swing w/McGann (Blues -part 3), Liz Carroll tunes ("For Eugene", "Gravity Hill"), Bluegrass w/Hokkanen ("Salt Creek"), 1988 Listening survey, "La Bastringue", Jethro Burns obit., record reviews.

#11 - MARK O'CONNOR interview, Technique w/Marshall (zig-zag scales), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney ("Barney Brallagan" slip jig), Old-Time Fiddle Tunes For Mando w/Judy Hyman ("Link Of Chain"), Street Performance w/Grissom (tune talk-ups/spiels), Jazz/swing w/McGann (Blues, part 2), Clawhammer Mandolin w/Hokkanen ("Dinah"), Bluegrass w/Baldry ("Columbus Stockade", "Careless Love", Blue Ridge Cabin Home"), Rhythm Mandolin w/Hokkanen (Rock & Roll Shuffles, part 1), "Sonatine For Mandolin" by Buddy McManus, video thoughts, record reviews.

#10 - DOYLE LAWSON interview, Technique w/Marshall (scales), Old-Time Fiddle Tunes For Mando w/Hyman ("Sally Ann"), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney ("The Kilfanora Jig"), Street performance w/Grissom (amps and backup tapes), Jazz/swing w/McGann (tribute to Tiny Moore), Cajun Mandolin w/Michael Doucet ("Grand Mamou"), Bluegrass w/Baldry (honky-tonk mandolin), Rhythm Mando w/Hokkanen (walking chords), video and record reviews.

#9 - HOWARD ARMSTRONG (blues) interview, Blues Mandolin w/Rich DelGrosso ("Mexicali Rag"), Cajun Mandolin w/Doucet (shuffles), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney ("Haste To The Wedding"), Bluegrass w/Baldry (Dave McLaughlin's "Maury River Blues"), Street Performance w/Grissom (repertoire), Old-Time Fiddle Tunes For Mando w/Hyman ("Benton's Dream"), 1987 Listening survey, mando maintenance, 2 tunes from readers, record reviews.

#8 - ALY BAIN (Shetland fiddler) interview ("Da Galley Watch", "Da Black Reel", "The Full Rigged Ship"), Accompaniment Workshop with Tony Cuffe (of Ossian), Bluegrass w/Baldry (Altered scales - "Old Joe Clark"), Technique w/Marshall (a new tremolo in 2 months), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney ("The Priest And His Boots" jig), Cajun Mandolin w/Doucet ("Jongle a moi"), Old-Time Fiddle Tunes For Mando w/Hyman ("Going Back to Israel"), Jazz/swing w/McGann (jazz phrasing), Street performance w/Grissom (being heard, holding an audience), books about lutherie, record reviews.

#7 - TIM O'BRIEN interview ("Hard Pressed", '12 Gates To The City", "Wild Bill Jones"), Slide Mandolin w/Rich DelGrosso ("Dill Pickle Rag"), Irish Mandolin w/Moloney (session jamming in Ireland), Natural Harmonics for Bouzouki ("The 8th Of January"), Cajun Mandolin w/Doucet ("La Valse Des Jonglements"), Old-Time Fiddle Tunes For Mando w/Hyman ("Jenny On The Railroad"), Bluegrass w/Baldry (improvising from tablature, "Arab Bounce" & "Little Cabin Home On The Hill" solos), mando-maintenance, reader's tunes (4 of 'em), record reviews.

* INSTRUCTIONAL CDs FOR MD ARTICLES: As a service to MD readers, several of the long and more complex instructional articles by Niles Hokkanen were put into audio form with even more material, examples and explantions included, allowing one to hear what may be be somewhat confusing on paper. The price of each CD is $10.00 each postpaid in the USA and Canada ( $11.50 each postpaid overseas).

75-minute CD
demonstrating the material in the MD #24-25 articles and expanding upon them. Complete stereo separation between the mandolin backup parts and the lead instruments (fiddle, accordion, flute, whistle, concertina), using the tunes "Garry Owen" and "Swinging On A Gate" as demonstration vehicles. Also includes long "play-along" tracks at manageable tempos so you can actually practice backing another instruments. Backup can be so much more than just the "chop"! You won't find this type of instruction anywhere else!


CD demonstrating the material in the MD #20 article of the same name. Make your fingers follow your inner ear by transposing the same tune into many different keys. Learn how to take tunes and adapt them into other time signatures: 2/4 into 3\4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, etc. "Arkansas Traveller" is the demonstration tune with complete stereo separation between the mandolin and the accompaniment.


CD demonstrating the material in the MD #21 article of the same name, which expands even more on some of the ideas in "The Transposing Game" article/tape. Using "Arkansas Traveller" and "Old Joe Clark" as demonstration tunes, you'll see/hear how to juxtapose 2 time signatures over each other and explore the concepts of additive rhythms (e.g. 2/4 time can be subdivided 3+3+2 or 3+2+3 or 2+3+3, etc.). Learn to play with the timing of the notes in a tune!

Mandocrucian's Digest Back Issue contents categorized by musical genre

Interviews, Feature Articles, and Instructional Columns loosely categorized by musical genre. Consult the index listings for the back issues for more information about tune titles used in articles and columns or with musician interviews. (/op designates an out-of print issue).

Bluegrass and Old-Time:
Baker, Kenny (#4)
Blake, Norman & Nancy (6)
Clark, Bobby (profile) (18)
Gaudreau, Jimmy (3/op)
Lawson, Doyle (10)
McLaughlin, Dave (1/op)
O'Brien, Tim (7)
O'Connor, Mark (11)
Ostroushko, Peter (15 &16)
Rowan, Peter (1/op)
Watson, Jim (14)
Instructional Articles:
The Transposing Game (20)
Developing Rhythmic Elasticity (21)
Variations On A Theme: Ideas/Approaches for Soloing (22)
Playing For Square and Contra Dances w/Larry Edelman (13-14)
Articles about the Mandolin-Banjo (19-21)
Instructional Columns:
Bluegrass w/John Baldry (1-4, 6-11, 13-22, 27)
Eldred Hill guest column (13)
Clawhammer Mandolin w/Niles Hokkanen (4-6, 11)
Old-Time Fiddle Tunes For Mandolin w/Judy Hyman (6-9, 11)
New England Tunes For Mandolin w/David Surette (13, 19)
"3 Ponies" (tune by Nancy Blake)
Remembering Bill Monroe (27)
Bluegrass tunes from readers (5, 7, 9, 22, 27)
Texas Fiddle Style Mandolin ("Wagoner") (4)

Cajun Music:
Michael Doucet (5)
Dewey Balfa (5)
Instructional articles and columns
Accordion Licks For Mandolin (Tracy Schwarz) (5)
Rhythm Playing (Tommy Comeaux) (5)
Cajun Mandolin w/Michael Doucet (6-10)
Cajun Mandolin w/Tommy Comeaux ( 13-15, 18-21, 23-24, 26)

Irish/Celtic/British Isles:
Dave Pegg (4)
John Renbourne (6)
Aly Bain (8)
Andy Irvine (27)
Articles and Instructional Columns:
Accompaniment Workshop w/Tony Cuffe (8)
Irish Mandolin w/Mick Moloney (3-15)
Backing A Fiddle Or Other High Register Instrument in a Duo Setting (#24)
More Thoughts on Backup (#25)
Partial Capo Tunings For Mandolin & Bouzouki (26)
Tunes and Miscellaneous:
2 Liz Carroll Tunes: "For Eugene/"Gravity Hill" (12)
"Inchindown Jig" (16)
"Hangman" (cittern/octave mandolin/voice arrangement) (17)
New England Tunes For Mandolin w/David Surette (13, 19)
Reader's tunes (4, 7)
"George IV" strathspey (25)

Classical and/or Technique:
Radim Zenkl interview (26)
Technique w/Evan Marshall (8, 10-15)
Solo Mandolin w/Radim Zenkl (22, 24-27)
Introduction To Playing with Pick and Fingers (25)
Beethoven's "Sonatine in Cm" arrange for 2 mandolins (27)
Radim Zenkl tune "False Solstice" (16)
Shifting Exercises On One String (27)
Natural Harmonics for Bouzouki (7)
(also useful, scored for 2 mandolins & octave mandolin: Mandos From Finland w/Arto Jarvela columns (23, 25, 26))

Howard Armstrong (9)
Instructional Columns/Music:
Slide Mandolin (4, 7)
Rhythm Mando (10-12, 15)

Rock/Electric Applications:
Danny Levin (ex-Asleep At The Wheel) (2/op)
Dave Pegg (Fairport Covnetion/Jethro Tull) (4)
Jim Ryan (Blood Oranges) (20)
Niles Hokkanen (17)
Articles and columns
Going Electric On The Cheap (Mandocaster conversions) (13)
Reviews of Rock/Blues Instructional Materials (17)
Rhythm Mando (10-12, 15)
Mandolin In Rock Discography (15-17, 19, 22)
Nash The Slash discography (4)
Jethro Tull & Fairport Convention mando-discogrpahy (4)

Jazz & Swing:
Dan Hicks, Maryann Price, Naomi Eisenberg (12)
John Abercrombie (3/op)
Danny Levin (2/op)
Instructional Columns and articles:
Jazz & Swing w/John McGann (8, 10-19)
Onstage Hand Signals

Various Ethnic Music:
Mandos From Finland w/Arto Jarvela (23, 25, 26)
Finnish Mandolinist Heikki Lahti (w/tune) (15)
"Purpurimarssi" (Finnish tune) (17)
"Hora Mare" (Rumanian tune) (18)
"Yoshke, Yoshke" (klezmer) (17)
"Freylehke Yiden" (klezmer) (19)
"La Bastringue" (Quebec) (12)
Czech & Slovak trad. tunes (Radim Zenkl column in #26)
"Ukranian Polka" (w/Ostroushko interview, #15)
"Ikke Hurtig" schottische (Denmark) (27)
A Look At Playing Greek Music by Hank Bradley (25)

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